CdV Meeting Minutes 1-2-2020

Meeting is opened at 7:05pm

Seneschal: Lord Bjorki reported having nothing new to report save that Quarterly Reports are due by the 15th.

Herald: Herr Wilhelm von Dusseldorf noted that he has taken over the day-to-day activities of the Lion’s Blood Herald.

Social Media Deputy: Valka noted that she is planning several new posts including that of a potential can-drive.

Marshal: His Excellency William Geoffrey the Rogue noted $xx in donations turned in and fighting is still happening.

Chamberlain: Jacob noted that we still have stuff and asks the populace to make an attempt to return any Shire belongings soon so that we can take a proper inventory.

Exchequer: Solbella did report for Lord Charles Rose (by proxy) and stated that $xx was deposited today, all checks out have been paid, none are outstanding. $xxxx.xx in account, check needed today for $xxx which will cover the Scout Lodge for December through February, 2020.

Arts & Sciences: Æsa Rouðfeldr noted that wreath making went extremely well. All else has been quiet.

Chronicler/Web: HL Eilaf Spiaelbodhason stated that he has nothing new to report.

Old Business
Summer offensive Renewing membership tomorrow so paperwork can commence

Coeur du Val’s Customary was discussed at length. Verbiage was added. To be added to the Facebook discussion group for greater discussion. This will be followed-up on, soon.

New Business
No New Business.

Meeting voted closed and adjourned at 7:42pm

In attendance for the official business meeting held this 2nd Day of January,2020 were the following:

Marcus Octavius Rufus
Garrick the Silent
Wilhelm von Dusseldorf
Solbella haTayeret
William Geoffrey the Rogue
Diana de Winterton
Æsa Rouðfeldr
Valka Jarngyldir
Jacob Redbourne
Eilaf Spiaelbodhason