CdV Meeting Minutes 11-7-2019

Meeting is opened at 7:02pm

Seneschal: Lord Bjorki opened with not much new to report but that we had been contacted new person to the area, answered questions about the branch and pointed them in directions of their interests..

Herald: Herr Wilhelm von Dusseldorf stated his Q3 report turned-in on time, submitted his name for the Lions Blood Principle Deputy Herald at Kingdom. He would like to remain our local Herald, if he can. He did make 3 consults last month.

Marshal: His Excellency William Geoffrey the Rogue noted $x in donations turned in. He said it is about his rollover time but he is amenable to stay on to train a replacement.

Chamberlain: Jacob Did bring in Gold Key to look through to decide what is kept or donated for a future auction.

Exchequer: Lord Charles Rose stated report went out a day late, one sorting error found. A check for $xxx for the Scout Lodge has cleared. $xx in tithing from last month credited and a $x bank fee, debited. A $xxx check is needed now for the Lodge and one for $xxx for Gate. Current balance before deducting outstanding checks is $xxxx.xx.

Arts & Sciences: Æsa Rouðfeldr did note by proxy that A&S continues to happen at weekly fighter practices and Irish boxes may be worked on next week.

Chronicler/Web: HL Eilaf Spiaelbodhason stated that he has added a link to the Stitch n’ Thyme event website, to the CdV Website under the Events menu tab. Last month’s Meeting Minutes were posted in redacted format on the Shire Website. He continues to ask for ideas from others as to adding interesting content to the website.

Chatelaine: HL Deirdre no Phadraig macGriorgair did state by proxy that she is pleased to be assuming the office. We had a get together at the October 29th fighter practice, in garb and goodies. One newcomer newcomer was briefly in attendance. Per the principality’s request, she sent in the quarterly report before she had to submit hers to Kingdom.

She also did ask about the Shire Chatelaine Email for newcomers to contact her and how to access it? She plans to do some kind of gathering quarterly that can include newcomers, if this is acceptable to the rest of the Shire. Again, excited to step into the office.

Old Business
Wilhelm for Summer Offensive: Need proof of insurance before the site will give the go-ahead, as soon as possible, and is conferring with the Seneschal about obtaining it.

Solbella for Stitch n’ Thyme: Website has been updated. Kingdom calendar is updated lots of classes with more info coming soon. She did request a vote for $xxx for gate and garb exchange, which passed. Setup will be Friday night before at 6pm. Gate will open at 9am on Saturday with morning setup at 7am. No court is currently planned unless an attending guest has the need.

New Business
Valka entered her name for Social Media Deputy. Vote will be held next month as is customary.

Vote to close meeting is cast and succeeded at 8:15pm

In attendance for the official business meeting held this 7th Day of November, 2019 were the following:

Wilhelm von Dusseldorf
Charles Rose
Helyana de Peister
Solbella haTayeret
Garrick the Silent
William Geoffrey the Rogue
Diana de Winterton
Valka Jarngyldir
Jacob Redbourne
Eilaf Spiaelbodhason