CdV Meeting Minutes 3-7-2019

Meeting called to order at 7:04pm


Seneschal Report:

Seneschal Bjorki reports that there is not much to report this month, apart from that several Branch Offices are open and he needs to find a new Deputy Seneschal as soon as possible.


Heavy Marshal Report:

William Geoffrey the Rogue reports that fighting has been happening and has handed $xxx in cash to the Exchequer for two-months donations.


Herald Report:

Wilhelm reports having 2 consults and 1 class at the Principality A&S Championship event and his Deputy has been working hard at Silent Heraldry and more.


Exchequer Report:

Exchequer Dyrfinna reports current bank balance to be $xxxx.xx with $xxx in checks uncashed to the Scouts.


Chamberlain Report:

All Shire belongings are now stored at Solbella’s and he plans to photograph everything, soon.


Arts and Sciences Report:

Æsa reports that arts and sciences have been happening every Tuesday at Fighter Practice and invites all to attend.



Nothing new to report.


Web Minister:

New emails and Officer have been updated on website and will be distributed to officers as soon as possible.


Old Business

Jacob asked to purchase 4 of the Shire’s Rubber Band Guns for $xx each and William Geoffrey the Rogue will also buy the remaining two. A vote sustains this and the proper method of making this happen will be looked into.


New Business

New Shire member Rino Tulema Kuresaare introduced himself and made known his interest in becoming our Target Archery Deputy Marshal which will be voted on next month. He will be setting up for archery practice, soon!


Summits A&S Championship report: Solbella reports that despite the snow, the event went well. We have a new Summits Alpine Scholar and Summits Alpine Bard! The Darts competition had great activity! We had approximately 70 non-comp’d through the gate. NMS, Summits and Site still need to be paid. She wishes to thank everyone who helped to make this event a success!


Exchequer reports profit to be $xxx.xx after splitting with Summits.



Meeting is adjourned and closed at 7:39pm





In attendance for the official business meeting held this 7th Day of March 2019 were the following:


Garrick the Silent
Marcus Octavius Rufus
Jacob Redbourne
Wilhelm von Dusseldorf
Æsa Rouðfeldr
William Geoffrey the Rogue
Dyrfinna Thrirdrakkarfjorden
Alan Gruffydd
Livia Atella
Rino Tulema Kuresaare
Eilaf Spiaelbodhason