CdV Meeting Minutes 2-7-2019

Meeting called to order at 7:04pm

Seneschal Report:
Seneschal Bjorki reports that all quarterly made it in and could all officers please make sure to CC him with their reports.

Heavy Marshal Report:
William Geoffrey the Rogue reports that fighting has been happening and there is cash from the donation box but as the Exchequer wasn’t present, he will forward it next meeting.

Herald Report:
Wilhelm reports having done silent heraldry at 12th Night as well as 8 consults and 4 pending.

Exchequer Report:
Exchequer Dyrfinna reports absently (by proxy) funds to be $xxxx.xx with $xxx in checks uncashed to the Scouts, leaving an available balance of $xxxx.xx.

Chamberlain Report:
Nothing to report at present.

Nothing new to report.

Web Minister:
New emails have been updated on website and will be distributed to officers as soon as possible.

Old Business
Summer Offensive; Possible change of date. Classrooms, use of gym and fighting have all been approved.

New Business
Jacob voted in as new Chamberlain, paperwork to happen next meeting.

Summits A&S: Weather; cancellation procedures in place, just in case. Steward Solbella would like to ask for a note for $xxx for gate cash. A vote is cast and passed. Site setup will begin at 7:30am. Site copy is printed and ready to go. Competitors will be allowed on site at 8:0am with gate opening at 9. Shuttle parking will happen at Avery Park.
Meeting is adjourned and closed at 7:50pm

In attendance for the official business meeting held this 7th Day of February 2019 were the following:

Garrick the Silent
Jacob Redbourne
Wilhelm von Dusseldorf
Æsa Rouðfeldr
Diana De Winterton
William Geoffrey the Rogue
Dyrfinna Thrirdrakkarfjorden
Alan Gruffydd
Livia Atella
Solbella haTayeret
Eilaf Spiaelbodhason