CdV Meeting Minutes 4-4-2019

Meeting called to order at 7:02pm


Seneschal Report:

Seneschal Bjorki reports that there is not much to report this month, apart from that Officer Quarterly Reports are due by the 15th.



Exchequer Dyrfinna reports having no bank statement, yet. Nothing else to report.



Nothing new to report.


Arts and Sciences:

Æsa reports that arts and sciences have been happening every Tuesday at Fighter Practice, this month focusing on Inkle Weaving. She wishes to give special thanks to Sir Garrick for having provided looms and much knowledge.


Heavy Marshal:

William Geoffrey the Rogue reports that fighting has been happening and several Marshals came to a practice this month to help with authorizations. He gave $xx in donations over to the Exchequer.



Wilhelm reports having given one consult this month and his Deputy has been teaching four others how to do Silent Heraldry signing.



New Business

Charles Rose has noted his interest in taking up the Office of Branch Exchequer and the matter will be voted upon at next month’s meeting.


Meeting is voted and adjourned at 7:22pm.


In attendance for the official business meeting held this 4th Day of April 2019 were the following:

Garrick the Silent
Wilhelm von Dusseldorf
Æsa Rouðfeldr
William Geoffrey the Rogue
Diana de Winterton
Dyrfinna Thrirdrakkarfjorden
Solbella haTayeret
Charles Rose
Eilaf Spiaelbodhason