CdV Meeting Minutes 4-5-2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Seneschal Solbella opened by asking for new business. To the gathered members she addressed the topic of ZIP Code updates and stated that about half have been approved whereas the other half are still at the Board of Directors for contemplation. At this time the ZIP Code issue is moving in a positive direction.

Heavy Combat Marshal William Geoffrey was called forth to give news of our fighting activities. He did note that fighting is, indeed, happening. A few heavy fighters, several fencers and Cut & Thrust fighters have been regularly attending practices. Approximately $** or $** was on hand from collection and he did also suggest the possibility of a practice tournament toward the end of the month to help new marshals prepare for the upcoming fighting season.

Chamberlain Cillian noted that there is nothing new to report at this time.

Arts & Sciences Officer Nest verch Alan did speak with much interest of the possibility of starting dance practice soon and adding Arts & Sciences to Fighter Practices, perhaps as early as May or when the weather finally permits.

Exchequer Dyrfinna did state that the Shire does currently have $****.** in general funds. Current bank signers were discussed as was the need to remove old signers. A vote was taken to remove some old signers while adding new signers. All votes did pass and will be made to happen by the appropriate officers.

Old Business was called upon by the Seneschal to be discussed.

Lebus Steward Nest verch Alan did discuss the proposed site in Adair. It’s price of $*** did seem reasonable as the intent is to see the Lebus event grow in attendance. 3 standard portable restrooms and 1 handicapped stall will run $***. The budget in its entirety is estimated at $****. Several event activities were discussed including combat, Saturday night potluck, dance hafla and potential fund-raising activities as well as no fee for merchants. The site and budget were voted upon and passed. The appropriate forms to be signed and fees paid upon arrangement.

Seneschal Solbella made it known that she will need to step down from her office in a couple months and that anyone who would be interested in taking up the office should consider applying by next meeting.

Eilaf Spiaelbodhason did approach attending members with the request to take up the office of Chronicler so that it may be considered at next meeting.

Meeting was voted closed and adjourned at 7:47 PM

In attendance for the official business meeting held this 5th of April, 2018 were the following:

Eilaf Spiaelbodhason
Cillian Fitzwilliam
Nest verch Alan
Sholeh of Susa
William Geoffrey the Rogue
Diana de Winterton
Solbella haTayeret
Dyrfinna Thrirdrakkarfjorden