CDV Meeting Minutes 5-7-2020

Still not able to meet in person, so Microsoft Meetings it is.

Bjorki Josh – Rufus Kelly – Valka Tia – Solbella ha Tayert Diane – Diana de Winterton Jeffrey – William Geoffrey the Rogue Melissa Ebert Arts & Sciences Wilhelm – Coeur du Val Herald Tam

Meeting open: 7:10 pm (due to technical difficulties)

Officer Reports:

Seneschal Bjorki – Not much of anything coming across from SCA, Kingdom or the Principality.
Rufus – nothing specific. Discussion on the process of reopening events, but mostly gathering data on what sizes of events to expect, as well as participants at activities (non-fighting)

Bjorki – steps down as Seneschal in June. Seneschal vote will be up next month.

Exchequer – no checks going out, $1251.14 currently in the bank

A&S – nothing to report

Marshall – a horrible occurrence has happened…peace has broken out. There is no conflict, this sucks.

Herald – 1 consult, not under Lions Blood.

Chatelaine – not present

Chamberlain – not present – nothing to report. We still have things. Sale of donated items not a possibility yet because paperwork is not completed.

Social media – Facebook exists, email is set up & sharing virtual things happening as they pop up.

Old Business

Customary is complete. Rufus is scanning it but hasn’t gotten it online yet.

Event: Postponed. School may or may not have the grounds open by then. We are all still on lockdown for another month at very least. Only sane thing is to cancel the event at this time and push back to fall.

Principality has asked to hold a virtual event that weekend. Plus school grounds could get shut down at
any moment. At this time….postponed, tentatively with Lebus.

Future event potential: Briaroak is currently holding an event to share with anyone who has lost a

Principality event this year. May want to consider joining or combining with Briaroak or with TP or
Mountain Edge to do a joint event.

New Business:

Rufus: Does everyone have access to official emails? All yes but A&S Microsoft Suite is available to
automate reports. Must have access to shire emails, and you may see random assignments
(troubleshooting), so keep an eye out for that option. May be some exceptions, but those will be
discussed over time. Expect an email July 1.

Meeting ended at 7:22pm