CdV Meeting Minutes 7-11 2019

Opened 19:01pm

Seneschal: Bjorki opened by noting that all branch officer quarterly reports are due by the 15th. Also of note, there have been updates in waiver requirements for demos including thrown weapons and archery etc.

Exchequer: Charles Rose stated that we have many outstanding checks from Scout Lodge. Summits has cashed its check from the A&S event but not the NMS check. We currently have $xxxx.xx not counting outstanding checks. Need to write a check for last 6 months to Scout Lodge. Alternate methods of paying the Lodge were discussed. $xx was received for two Rubber Bang Guns. Needs to meet at bank with previous Exchequer to sign her off and him on to checking account.

A&S: Æsa noted that much work on tunics, stitching and weaving has been happening on Tuesdays at Practice.

Herald: Wihelm discussed his interest in pursuing training as a Kingdom Heraldic Deputy and confirmed his ability to continue as Branch Herald.

Marshal: William Geoffrey the Rogue notes that fighting continues to happen regularly. $xx donations turned in to Exchequer and old sign-in sheets to Seneschal. Chamberlain has turned in 2 more Rubber Band Guns, ropes for pavilions, tabards, ropes and stakes for fighting lists to be added to inventory.

Old business:
Demo last week happened and included two members, Wilhelm and Æsa. There were instruction and demonstration of dancing and non-combative fencing as there was no safety Marshal present.

New Business
The need to make money for the Shire and several methods were discussed. More plans will be made in the near future.

Vote to close was cast unanimously at 19:31pm.

In attendance for the official business meeting held this 11th Day of July 2019 were the following:

Wilhelm von Dusseldorf
Æsa Rouðfeldr
William Geoffrey the Rogue
Solbella haTayeret
Charles Rose
Marcus Octavius Rufus
Jacob Redbourne
Valka Jarngyldir
Eilaf Spiælbodhason